January 6, 2014

the holiday season part 2

^^ We love to see the temple! We went to Temple Square THREE times while in Utah. ^^

 ^^ Pipsqueak's first Christmas! I love the face she's making in this photo; we call it her rabbit face. ^^

 ^^ Munchkin always sees us taking photos so she needed her own camera. Looks like she's really learning how to use it. ^^

 ^^ This photo has the best story ever. My now-brother-in-law, Bryan, came to my friends' annual Christmas party (the one I mentioned in my previous post) back when we used to bring dates instead of husbands (yes, I used to go on dates with my sister's husband. He was my friend first, Dani!).  I brought the cowboy shirt my mom is holding as my white elephant gift, which I had stolen from her closet because I thought she'd never miss it. And Bryan was the lucky winner of the shirt. Now, it's like six years later and he's married to my sister, and he gave my mom her shirt back for Christmas. Her face pretty much says it all. ^^

^^ My grandparents with their three great-grandbabes. Munchkin, you are a piece of work. And I love it. ^^

^^ Can you tell how much Munchkin loves to ski? Two runs and we were done. Luckily, Johnny and I were able to go skiing alone the next day minus this bundle of joy. ^^

^^ My momma and her babies. This photo speaks a thousand words. ^^

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  1. Um bless you and Johnny for teaching your child how to ski so young. Seriously I am banking on Brett teaching our kids bc it freaks me out. Glad you had fun!


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