October 9, 2014

too much utah for one post

^^ I love this. Munchkin sneezed right as I took the photo and then ran away. This pretty much sums up how they feel about picture taking. And the BYU MOA was lovely, as usual. I used to eat lunch here with Brittany Bartholomew and Ashley McKell on a weekly basis. Curry pasta salad with focaccia, anyone? ^^

^^ Gardner Village with the gang ^^

^^ This witch was too scary. And now that I'm looking at this, it looks just like our Santa photos from last year. ^^

^^ My mom is a pretty spectacular grandma. She bought this bounce house for the living room. My girls are never coming home. ^^

October 8, 2014

fall utah adventures

Last week Johnny had a school thing that required him to take the car every day for the whole week. I thought to myself, "One whole week stuck in my house without a car and two babies. No, thank you." So we packed our bags and flew to Mummsie's! 

^^ Pipsqueak walked right under the captain's legs and into the cockpit, but he was awesome and let her play around with all the toys. ^^

^^ 6am flight with two babies--yeesh! ^^

^^ Costco, making dreams come true. ^^

^^ Munchkin's first words after opening this Anna costume: "I want Elsa." Geez, we've got to work on manners. ^^

^^ My friends from junior high and I are still super close, and we always get together when I come in town. We are quickly growing, though--17 kids and counting between the seven of us! ^^

^^ Our kids need to grow up so they can take a proper picture of us. It seems like all the pictures we have are off-centered, photo-timed bombs. ^^

October 7, 2014

highway 101 adventures

If you ever want to go on a road trip with Johnny and me, be prepared to stop at everything that looks fun, even if that means turning a three-hour apple picking drive into a 12-hour coastal adventure. We ended up at a farmer's market, tide pools, lighthouse, apple orchard, berry farm, beach diner, and finally the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. We should road trip more often! And thanks, Dean and Ayumi, for being the perfect adventure buddies.

September 25, 2014

city adventures

^^ *Sigh* I will never tire of the millions of fun things San Fran has to offer. I'm already putting together a to-do list to complete before friends graduate and move away next year, so please leave me any and all suggestions in a comment!

Grace Cathedral is one of those places I can't stop going back to. I find something new every time, like these beautiful red doors. I hear they do yoga on the labyrinth if anyone wants to join me and/or watch my kids... ^^

^^ Fort Mason has some neat outdoor science experiments that were once part of the Exploratorium. There's also this ancient, weatherworn ship called the Galilee that the kids loved. ^^

^^ Munchkin's second favorite work of art at the de Young Museum. ^^

^^ East Beach is the best for kids and watching sailboats. ^^

^^ Dessert with friends at Toy Boat is usually a fight over who gets to sit on the horse. I like how they have a sign that says, "Don't be this guy. The horse is for kids." ^^

^^ I'm still trying to hop on the "Tartine Is Awesome" bandwagon, but to me, it's still just an overpriced hipster joint. ^^

^^ Gotta love the trollies. This one was being rented by a wedding party and the driver let us hop on while they were out taking photos. And I love Nacho/Batman. ^^

^^ Bob's Donuts, you never let us down. Two times in three days. ^^

September 24, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

I love these posts! I write them for my sanity because they help me realize my life is happy even though in the moment it sometimes sucks. But these girls make me laugh, and I love them for that. 

^^ Oh, boy. These hellions were already running around up past their bedtime when we parents got distracted. They pounced on the opportunity and snuck a few fistfuls of chocolate chips and hid under the desk to eat their spoils. ^^

^^ I keep food storage under our bed in diaper boxes. Well, Pipsqueak just discovered that there are not actually diapers in those boxes, but the Holy Grail of kid food (notice the goldfish, crackers, Oreos...). I woke up to the sound of crinkling wrappers and this happy face. Of course, I couldn't let those half cookies go to waste so I ate half a sleeve of Oreos at 7 am before even leaving the bedroom. ^^

^^ Just a few hours later she went back for more. I thought I had taken all the Oreos out of the box, but she sniffed out a pack that I had missed. Again, I reluctantly ate another half sleeve of cookies because no cookie is left behind in this family. ^^

^^ This dang love fern causes so many problems, but I have no high shelves or counter space to put the dang thing. Munchkin so lovingly watered it, as well as the electronics, all the DVDs, and the floor. ^^

^^ Like I've said before, I love arts and crafts, but I hate arts and crafts. This painting session turned south when Pipsqueak ate Munchkin's painting. Those white nasties are the soggy remain. ^^

September 18, 2014

this video changed my life!

^^ I have never felt more understood or loved than after watching this video. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows and cares for each of us individually.

Today I had a conversation with a friend about our daily schedules and what it's like when our husbands come home and ask what we did all day. For me, sometimes I feel like I have nothing to tell him--made food, cleaned disasters, folded laundry, kept two children alive--and like I have nothing physical to show for my day. And then there are days where our activities sound really glamorous--went to the beach, walked to the bakery, visited the museum--but in all honesty, the beach was spent running the whole time to keep kids from drowning, the bakery was met with a meltdown and stealing the other's donut, and the museum lasted ten minutes because the kids kept escaping the stroller and running for the artwork. It wasn't so glamorous in the details.

But then this video put it all into perspective. You never know how your small actions might help someone else. Maybe my day wasn't so pointless after all, or maybe the frustration I feel like all the time is worth it if I did one small, good thing that day. Thank you for this video! And to all the moms out there, you might not know it, but you are doing a good job! ^^

little hams

^^ These two have a smothering relationship--it's the best word I can think of. I can never tell if the one is sitting on the other's head out of love or hate. Usually it's both. This picture pretty much sums it up, and I love it. ^^

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