October 31, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

Happy Halloweeeeen! Here's a little somethin somethin for your holiday.

^^ Motherhood (and fatherhood) is about forgetting what it's like to talk to adults. When all you do is hang out with a one- and three-year-old, you forget how to talk to other human beings. Hence this Facetime convo. ^^

^^ Motherhood is about trying to convince your kids they are beautiful, but probably a little too belly-licious for their old costumes. ^^

^^ It's about resurrecting your love fern for the ten billionth time. ^^

^^ Motherhood is about accepting that bedtime will never be on your own timetable, because when it's time for dress-up on top of the dresser in the dark, there's really nothing you can do to stop it. ^^

^^ It's about praying that super long eyelash that only grows when you're pregnant is a false alarm. ^^

^^ Motherhood is about crying on your bed when your find your $$$ face serum you got as a gift, and that you've only used twice, down the bathroom drain. It was tragic. ^^

October 30, 2014

halloween at the amusement park

^^ Can we first just stop to appreciate this photo? These are the faces of pure, joyful terror. It doesn't get any better than this. Johnny's school had their Halloween party at Great America which turned out to be perfect. We walked to the front of every single ride and rode them twice in a row. We had gone on every ride in seriously 2.5 hours--that's like two rides at Disneyland! Hooray for Halloween! ^^

October 29, 2014

utah october in a whirl

I was so lucky to be able to leave my kids in Utah to come back to SF to work like a crazy lady. I also grocery shopped alone, worked out, woke up in the morning naturally--I know I was working, but it was the greatest vacation of my motherhood life! My mom and Johnny's mom are seriously THE best. Then I flew back out to pick them up and hang out in Utah for another week and enjoy that perfect fall season.

October 9, 2014

too much utah for one post

^^ I love this. Munchkin sneezed right as I took the photo and then ran away. This pretty much sums up how they feel about picture taking. And the BYU MOA was lovely, as usual. I used to eat lunch here with Brittany Bartholomew and Ashley McKell on a weekly basis. Curry pasta salad with focaccia, anyone? ^^

^^ Gardner Village with the gang ^^

^^ This witch was too scary. And now that I'm looking at this, it looks just like our Santa photos from last year. ^^

^^ My mom is a pretty spectacular grandma. She bought this bounce house for the living room. My girls are never coming home. ^^

October 8, 2014

fall utah adventures

Last week Johnny had a school thing that required him to take the car every day for the whole week. I thought to myself, "One whole week stuck in my house without a car and two babies. No, thank you." So we packed our bags and flew to Mummsie's! 

^^ Pipsqueak walked right under the captain's legs and into the cockpit, but he was awesome and let her play around with all the toys. ^^

^^ 6am flight with two babies--yeesh! ^^

^^ Costco, making dreams come true. ^^

^^ Munchkin's first words after opening this Anna costume: "I want Elsa." Geez, we've got to work on manners. ^^

^^ My friends from junior high and I are still super close, and we always get together when I come in town. We are quickly growing, though--17 kids and counting between the seven of us! ^^

^^ Our kids need to grow up so they can take a proper picture of us. It seems like all the pictures we have are off-centered, photo-timed bombs. ^^

October 7, 2014

highway 101 adventures

If you ever want to go on a road trip with Johnny and me, be prepared to stop at everything that looks fun, even if that means turning a three-hour apple picking drive into a 12-hour coastal adventure. We ended up at a farmer's market, tide pools, lighthouse, apple orchard, berry farm, beach diner, and finally the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. We should road trip more often! And thanks, Dean and Ayumi, for being the perfect adventure buddies.

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