December 16, 2014

more christmas time in the city

^^ I'm so happy to have a network of awesome friends who are always looking out for each other. That's how I found out about this amazing free Christmas event for kids that was completely empty. They were giving away Barbies, Hot Wheels, coloring books, and had tables full of arts and crafts. When I got the text about the event Johnny looked at me and said, "Drop everything and get the kids in the car." Haha, this is why I love him. ^^

^^ The library put on a live, mini Nutcracker ballet that we obviously had to attend. The chicas dressed up as ballerinas, of course, and we even practiced smiling for the photos. (Munchkin's incident with Elsa had her distraught and she was disappointed she didn't smile for the photo.) We got half-smiles with the sugar plum fairy but it was downhill from there. ^^

December 15, 2014

fortune cookie factory

^^ I paid good money for these photos (they make you pay to take them) so I can't forget to post them! The Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown is a fun little stop if you're ever in the neighborhood. You can watch them make the cookies by hand and even write your own fortune. You can also stand right next to the lady looking very cute and hungry and she will feed you endless amounts of warm fortune cookies (see above). Just another reason why I love living in this city! ^^

December 10, 2014

ugly christmas sweaters

^^ Johnny and I threw an ugly sweater Christmas party for his school friends, and I do believe a new tradition has been born in our house. We had a contest for the ugliest and these three beauties above were our winning ensemble. They were well-deserving winners, indeed. ^^

^^ This is my "ugly excited face" when opening my white elephant gift, the book Go the F*#k to Sleep. I actually secretly wanted this children's book and was so happy to snatch it up. It was stolen from me a couple of times but Johnny won it back for me in the end. Woo hoo! It's funny though because I've actually already re-gifted it.^^

^^ Before Johnny and I were dating I went to a college party he hosted at a condo in Park City and he was wearing these long johns and winter boots. I thought, "Who the heck is this goofy guy?" Jokes on me, people. Jokes on me. ^^

December 9, 2014


^^ If you thought rollerblading was cool when you were ten, now add a stroller and a gang of moms and you've got strollerblading, only the coolest new sport to hit San Francisco. At least we tell ourselves that haha! Please buy a pair and come with us along the Marina trail. You can see the spectacle a few mornings every week and it's actually a really good workout! ^^

^^ I forget how awesome the Botanical Gardens are. They're free to residents, totally empty, and are basically a huge playground for the kids. ^^

December 8, 2014

it's christmas time in the city

^^ We never had a real tree growing up and now that Johnny and I have had one the past few years, I'm never going back. I don't care if I find pine needles in my sheets, bathtub, and hair (okay, maybe I care a little), it's worth cleaning them up for that glorious pine smell. The only thing I still can't wrap my head around is that we are wearing short sleeves to buy a Christmas tree. I kind of miss the snow. ^^

^^ I think there are like 10 big Christmas tree lighting festivals here in SF. Actually, there are probably way more. The best was the Pier 39 lighting because it was hosted by Disney and all of the characters were there for the show.  There's nothing like singing Christmas carols with hundreds of strangers and Mickey Mouse. I'm serious. ^^

^^ The Fairmont Hotel has a life size gingerbread house made of entirely real candy and cookie. I stuck my head in the corner like I was in timeout and just sniffed that gingerbread like it was, well, you know. If you're in the city, YOU MUST GO. Walking into the lobby is like walking onto the set of a Christmas film set in NYC. There was a jazz pianist, an elf taking pictures with the kids, and people sitting around drinking wine and hot chocolate like they owned the place. I mean, come on. Sign me up to be rich and famous so I can do that, too. ^^

^^ After the Fairmont you must walk across the street to my favorite, Grace Cathedral. The 20-foot tree with thousands of paper cranes was spectacular. And we even were able to listen to the choir singing for the church service. ^^

December 1, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

I love these kids, but this past week was rough. I occasionally send Johnny a pathetic, cry for help text that includes phrases like, "I've locked myself in the bathroom, come save me," or "If you don't get home in 30 minutes..." Classy, I know. But I'm already looking at these photos thinking I love my kids again.

^^ These two have a forced-loved relationship. Mostly it's Munchkin giving headlock hugs. Also, the cashier in the background is Gustavo, the Costco employee I take a creepy photo of every time I go so I can send it to my sister who has the hots for him. (If he magically stumbled upon my blog and saw this I don't think I could ever go to Costco again.) ^^

^^ This Thanksgiving walk was too much for Pipsqueak, who gave up and lied down in the gutter. She told us she was sleeping and then I had to carry her the rest of the way. ^^

^^ We went the Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown where I was able to buy a cookie and I write my own fortune in it. I wrote a clever little note to Johnny and watched them fold it up and make the cookie. I was so careful bringing the cookie home and gently put it on Johnny's desk...AND Pipsqueak came over and smashed it with her fist. ^^

^^ It's no wonder this lemon tree only has two pathetic lemons. Look at the torture this thing goes through on a regular basis. ^^

^^ Crying inside. Johnny and I have only ONE nice ornament for our tree and it's super significant. When I worked at LDS Living magazine I was lucky enough to play the piano for our church's prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and the other general authority at their annual Christmas dinner party. As a gift for one of the years I played I was given this beautiful ornament. It sadly didn't even make it out of the storage box when I heard a crash behind the tree. ^^

^^ Munchkin meets the woman of her dreams and all she could do was stare off into space. ^^

^^ Pipsqueak asked to wear one of my necklaces which I stupidly agreed to. The moment she walked into the same room as Munchkin, Munchkin ran over to her and ripped it off her neck. Am I raising Anastasia and Drizella, or what? ^^

^^ This is a photo of an empty crib. It's scary because Pipsqueak was inside of it last time I looked. It's only happened once, but I know the end of the crib is near. ^^

^^ Really? I can't put up with this selfie nonsense. You will not grow up and pose for photos in the bathroom, at the beach in a bikini, or in front of every single thing you eat. Not on this mom's watch. ^^

November 21, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

Seriously, editing my books has been the worst thing possible with kids, but the absolute best in terms of these "motherhood" posts. Please, enjoy my plight.

^^ The baby camera has been discovered. Next, it wouldn't surprise me if they brought it to me in pieces. ^^

^^ I told Munchkin the seaweed chips were candy. She told me, "No it's not; it's trash." I couldn't agree with her more, but I tried. ^^

^^ Pipsqueak asked over and over to talk to SiSi, and then she cried the whole time. Why, child? ^^

^^ I took a glorious Sunday nap and left Munchkin with her paint. I didn't even care what the consequences would be because I was so tired. She painted her face (and our toilet) like a tiger and growled at all of our friends for the rest of the night. ^^

^^ This was tag teamed. Munchkin broke the child lock and Pipsqueak dumped oatmeal ALL OVER the house. ^^

^^ I took a watercolor class and had just finished this card when Pipsqueak took a permanent marker to it. Blurg!!! ^^

^^ My girls so lovingly ripped open and emptied the bag of diapers I was hiding under the bed--you know, the ones that are now too small and I was storing for later use. Thanks a lot. ^^

^^ Art pencils and eraser, hmm must be nice...let's destroy them! ^^

^^ I try to keep Pipsqueak entertained after naps by putting books in her crib. I'm just being dumb. ^^

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