September 12, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

^^ Let me begin this post with a story told in pictures. This is a typical, cuddle selfie we see so often on Instagram or the likes, but what those moms don't post are the 10 second that follow. Let me show you what really happens... ^^

^^ ...finger in the ear... ^^

^^ ...karate kick to the eye...^^

^^ ...your head is a chair. And your hair is pulled out. ^^

^^ SO. We had to put a lock on the closet with all the toys because their room was always a disaster. So what did they do? Empty the entire dresser. We have since put locks on the dresser, too. Nothing is safe. ^^

^^ This was brand new, people. You moms know how many wipes are in the Costco containers, and what emotions I was feeling. ^^

^^ Play dough in my couch?! I love arts and crafts, but I hate arts and crafts. ^^

^^ And then when I went to vacuum it up the beater brush broke it into molecular-sized pieces and shot them across the entire room. ^^

^^ When you hold a crying child who is also eating chocolate, you know the whole time your clothes are toast. ^^

September 11, 2014

rockstar firemen on 9/11

^^ This morning at 9:11 the SF firemen walked the equivalent of the World Trade Center stairs in honor of 9/11 victims. And they did it in full uniform. I counted and they walked a total of 3,492 stairs and ended their last flight with this American flag. Can I just say that this moment restored my faith in humanity. There are still good people out there with values and a respect for humankind. Thank you for reminding me that people can still be awesome! ^^

September 5, 2014

happy weekend

^^ Flora ^^

Happy weekend! And thank you, Labor Day, for making it come one day quicker.

© 2014 Ashley Evanson, All Rights Reserved

video of shame

^^ I had a conversation the other day with friends about how Johnny doesn't like to take me hiking with him. I think that's ridiculous, but then I came across this video from when we were in Utah this past summer. Maybe he's right; this is a pretty incriminating video.

Happy weekend. And don't think too much less of me. ^^

September 4, 2014

new illustration website!

^^ Thank you to everyone for the love and congrats on my upcoming books. I have such rockstar friends that sure know how to make a person feel good.

So, in addition to my children's books, I've been illustrating in my free time (and nap time, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner time), and finally have something to show for it--my new illustration website! My agent suggested I create one, making this whole publishing process even crazier and exciting. After hours of trying to figure out how to create a website and wanting to pull my hair out, it's finally up and live. And now that it is, I'm kind of horrified that someone will look at it and actually contact me. I still have no idea what I'm doing and I'm scared people will figure that out, too. I need my safety blanket of anonymity! ^^

Take a looksie at

August 29, 2014

some very big news!

^^ I have been keeping a secret for some time now and I'm so excited to finally be sharing it! I feel so lucky to announce that I will be publishing a children's book series with Penguin Random House! There's not a set release date, but we predict they'll hit bookshelves by winter 2015. 

I feel so grateful for my husband, Johnny, who has come home many times to a disastrous house, no food, piles of laundry, and found me glued to the computer working on my books. Not to mention our poor kids who have learned quite well to fend for themselves. [On a side note: my neglect has produced some fantastic photos for my "what motherhood is REALLY like" posts.]

I feel like I've been guided through this whole process and kind of stumbled upon the right websites, emailed the right people at the right time, and really lucked out with finding the perfect agency who helped me land this book deal. I don't typically get spiritual on my blog, but I would be wrong not to acknowledge my Heavenly Fathered who I know had a hand in this and I feel so grateful for his love and guidance.

Anyway, I'll continue to update my blog on the progress of my books, and I've actually got another project in the works that I hope I'll be announcing later next week. Good things are happening! ^^

August 28, 2014

botanical gardens

^^ The Botanical Gardens are incredible! First of all, they are FREE to SF residents, and with 55 acres of beautiful garden practically all to ourselves, the kids ran around for hours of fun. My absolute favorite was the fragrance garden. I could spend all day there smelling the different herbs and flowers. I'm now on the lookout for lavender thyme for my garden. 

Oh, and it wouldn't be an outing with kids if they didn't cause some trouble. Munchkin and McKay ate some mysterious berries which promptly ended the trip. Luckily they are still alive haha. ^^

August 26, 2014

prima ballerina

^^ Prima Ballerina ^^

Want to know something cheesy? So many nights I dream that I'm a ballerina and can do a thousand pirouettes in a row without falling. And then I wake up and I'm sad because I can barely touch my toes. But this little ballerina makes me happy.

© 2014 Ashley Evanson, All Rights Reserved

August 25, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

This is a post about things that got ruined.

^^ Pie: ruined ^^

^^ Chapstick: ruined ^^

^^ Room: ruined. And I'm proud to admit that this was day one; I let it go on for three more days. ^^

^^ Face: ruined. I swear I have never made this face and don't know where she is learning to take duck face selfies. I'm so ashamed. ^^

^^ Good dreams: ruined. I'm so proud, but so scared of Munchkin's drawings that look like the scribbles from that freaky movie The Ring. ^^

^^ Ottoman: ruined ^^

^^ Phone: ruined. Now Pipsqueak knows how to work the camera and I have to erase 5 billion selfies every day. ^^

^^ "Mom face": perfected. This look means "I mean business" as I try to grab the phone from Munchkin who is taking yet another one of her masterpieces. ^^

August 22, 2014

i'm sailing! i sail!

^^ I'm sailing, I'm sailing! I sail, I sail!
For our our anniversary last week Johnny and I went sailing in the Bay. It was really exciting, but I also felt like Bill Murray from What About Bob and wish I had been tied to the mast at some points during the sail. I had no idea sailboats can tilt almost perpendicular to the water and not fall over. I kept thinking we were going to be dumped in the Bay and eaten by sharks, and those boots I wore didn't help. (What was I thinking?) But I can't think of a better person to go sailing with, or spend my life with. You're the best, Johnny. ^^

August 20, 2014

happy playlist

^^ This San Fran, summer foggy weather is starting to get to me. To help with the gloom, every once in a while I turn on some tunes and the girls and I have a dance party in the living room. Here are my go-to, insta-happy songs! ^^

August 18, 2014

seven years of happiness

WARNING: Picture overload! 
Seven years of marriage has been really good to Johnny and me. We've been lucky enough go through the ups and downs together, having the other one to cry to or laugh to (or at). I can't believe we've had two girls, one dog, traveled the world, lived in my mom's basement, lived in San Francisco, graduated from college, gone back to college for a career change, let him fly me in an airplane like the first time I met him, left him to go to BYU-Hawaii when we were seems like we've done it all! But I know this is just the beginning of our lives together and I can't wait to see what's next. Love you, Babe.

^^ Baby Johnny and Ashley! ^^

^^ BYU-Hawaii where I left him for my "studies" ^^

^^ Animals on the dance floor ^^

^^ Halloween costumes are the greatest. We never miss a chance to dress up. ^^

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