January 30, 2015

hello, san fran! (part 2)

A little rendezvous with the city. 
I'm always glad to have visitors because it forces me to get out and see and do the fun things of San Fran!

^^ This double Bob stroller has been my best mom accessory. I feel like I should be getting paid for how much I promote it to strangers on the street. ^^

^^ I met Leo on the streets and he was oh-so-handsome. I especially loved his waxy sheen. And look at these two seagulls chasing my friend, Hailey, around for a bite of shake! ^^

^^ This photo could be my sister and me 25 years ago. Seriously. ^^

^^ I LOVE THIS FOOD. I have a soft spot for homestyle, southern cooking with all things fried and smothered in sauce. And that's why this newly-discovered restaurant, Hard Knox Cafe, makes all of my dreams come true. ^^

^^ I've been meaning to go to a service at Grace Cathedral, and the Evensong on Sunday was just perfect. The whole service was sung by the choir, and thanks to Johnny chasing the kids up and down the nave and isles, I was actually able to sit down and enjoy it. ^^

January 29, 2015

hello, san fran! (part 1)

HOORAY for visitors!!! I feel as though hosting is in my blood--parties, people, you name it. So if you know me well enough to have my number in your phone book, you had better give me a call and plan your next trip to San Fran. That being said, my sister, Dani, and bestie Hailey came last week and the city showed us a marvelous time.

^^ Hailey has a thing for military cemeteries so we stopped at the one in Presidio. I don't blame her. ^^

^^ I love this photo where my nephew is contemplating how great his Aunt Ashley is. ^^

^^ Munchkin has learned that the way to my heart is with fresh flowers, so she takes it upon herself to pick flowers wherever we go and hands them to me and says, "Momma, you're beautiful." (Is this my child?!) ^^ 

 ^^ The Dutch windmill garden and Sutro Baths never disappoint. ^^

January 28, 2015

little girl tea party

^^ Our good friends are moving to London today so a few girlfriends threw a goodbye tea party. It was the most charming, wonderful party and I'm hoping to have one for the moms in the future...yes?! I would even love to eat star-shaped sandwiches and dress up in a frilly dress, too. Larsons, you will be missed! (And Megan and Danielle, you two are incredible.) ^^

January 27, 2015

MLK day

^^ We celebrated MLK day with an early morning hike in the redwood forest, followed by deep fried french toast at Fred's, took a giant family nap, and topped it all off with a bonfire on the beach. What a wonderful day with great friends! ^^ 

January 26, 2015

birthday bash

^^ What do you mean I don't have a baby anymore?! Pipsqueak is two and all toddler ... sniff sniff. I guess I just need to have another baby right away--oh, wait, have you seen my motherhood posts? I need at least another month or so. 

Pipsqueak was spoiled rotten by her loved ones, and I was just grateful for an excuse to eat the giant donut/cake from Bob's. On a side note: Does anyone else have a hard time mustering the energy to throw a birthday party two weeks after Christmas? I did this last year, too, and again felt guilty at the last minute and threw a small party together. Yeesh, motherhood guilt. My poor last child won't even know what a birthday party is. ^^

January 23, 2015

new york, new york

I go through a lot of drafts working on my children's book series, which is normal with any editing process. But it's still hard because I really like some of the art and it will never get used. This piece was a draft for the NYC Colors book and I thought I'd share it as a sort of preview to the books coming out this fall. (Unless, of course, this is against the rules and my agent has me take it down...)

© 2015 Ashley Evanson, All Rights Reserved

January 14, 2015

what motherhood is REALLY like

Oh, did you say you wanted two "motherhood" posts in a row? My kids have got you covered.

The other day I had an important phone call so I locked myself in the office away from my kids, thinking, "How much trouble can they really get into?" HA! It only lasted about thirty minutes, but the whole time I could just hear my house being ruined...

^^ Pipsqueak ate through a whole bag of seaweed ^^

^^ They pulled out every blanket I had managed to squeeze into the linen closet ^^

^^ Munchkin peed her pants ^^

^^ Ate some raw spaghetti noodles (notice the broken child lock on the floor--tricksy childrens) ^^

^^ Ripped open a new bag a cranberries ^^

^^ Colored all over the floor ^^

^^ I mean all over ^^

^^ Aaaaaand they ate a bag of English muffins in my bed ^^

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