August 3, 2015

15 years

Do you know what I love about these girls?...

...15 years later and nothing has changed! Seriously, these girls have been my friends since junior high and every time we hang out it's like we're still 14. And now we have something crazy like 20 kids between the seven of us, who of course will all get married so we can be family. I love you guys so much! (And you, too, Linds. I'm so sad you couldn't come.)

Okay, these two on the left are allowed to get married!

And check out these two! I was going to say, "Who taught them this ridiculousness?" but I'm an idiot; we all bought selfie sticks on their trip out to San Francisco. Dang it, we are those people.

August 1, 2015

hello, hello, paris

^^ I must have the best publicist ever because my HELLO, PARIS book is featured in Parents & Newborns magazine this month. And it's the biggest honor to be featured next to a Babylit book, only my favorite board book series. I honestly feel like someone else wrote these books and I'm just their No.1 fan because this couldn't possibly be something that I did. Will the real author please stand up, because this would make a lot more sense in my head? ^^

July 31, 2015

lake powell 2.0

Another year of dental school down, another year of celebrating at Lake Powell! The highlight of Johnny's trip was flying right seat in his dream airplane, and mine was sleeping for 18 hours a day. In case you didn't understand, I mean literally 18 hours a day. Breakfast, nap, lunch, nap, play, dinner, bed. It was the most glorious week of my life. Thank you, Amber for another great trip!

July 30, 2015

maui time

Earlier this summer my family went to Maui but it was right during finals week for Johnny, so we packed it on up and went without him. It was a little sad, but the beach, banana bread, and pirate ship cheered us right up. I love this photo of Pipsqueak diving headfirst into the pool, which by the way, was a lifesaver at the beach.

July 20, 2015

open sesame! book deal

I feel incredibly lucky to announce that I've sold another book, Open Sesame!, in a two-book deal to Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap. Think Press Here, but with magic tricks! I have to give a big thank you to my little brother, Jett, who helped inspire this book. We read all the Harry Potter books together earlier this year and called each other every night to talk about them--our own personal book club! It was through these chats that the idea for this book came to be. And Thank you to my wonderful agent, Michelle Witte, and my once-again editor, Eve Adler.

May 18, 2015

soundtrack to my life

One reason why movies are so awesome are the soundtracks. Cooking dinner in a silent kitchen in real life--kind of boring. But cooking dinner in a movie with an Italian song in the background--you're a chef and your food tastes amazing. I have legitimately always wished music would play during different scenes of my life, which is why I'm that crazy person who carries her speakers everywhere to play music on outings. This is my go-to playlist that makes me smile.

May 15, 2015

daisy fields forever

^^ Does the grass here ever not look like a Shakespeare sonnet? Everywhere we go there are endless fields of flowers. It's every child's dream for picking posies, and every hipster's dream for making flower crowns. ^^

^^ I love this photo because it is the perfect moment: sunshine, flowers, and playing under the blanket while listening to a little Joao Gilberto. I've decided movie scenes are cooler than real life because 1. They are fake; but 2. There's a soundtrack, which is why I try to take my music speakers everywhere we go so we can have our own soundtrack to life. That might be lame. Okay, it is lame. But we like it. ^^

^^ Birthday surprise to the symphony! If you are a classical music fan, go download Maurice Ravel's "Mother Goose Suite." I had never heard of it and now I can't stop listening. ^^

^^ And birthday cake for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper, of course. ^^

May 11, 2015

heeeey brothers

I was lucky enough to have both of my brothers visit during April, and at different times so we could spread out the love!

^^ When you're 16 maybe it's not the coolest thing when your sister says "twinnsies!" and takes a pic. ^^

^^ Tide pools down south ^^

^^ This Star Wars fan was in nerd-vana at the Lucas Film building. ^^

^^ Compliment of my year: Someone thought I was this guy's younger sister, despite my brother's shock when learning I turned the old age of 29 last weekend (whoa, you're twenty-NINE?!).^^

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