June 5, 2016


Where have I been for the past year?! Growing babies, books, and life just kind of got in the way of journaling. But I'm back, and with our newest addition, "Lucky" boy! (We don't share our kids' names online, which is why we call them Munchkin, Pipsqueak, and now Lucky.) He is my little boyfriend and I can't believe I've ever lived without him.

August 6, 2015

last of the utahans

The last photos from our Utah trip and then I'm done. It feels good to get caught up and live in the present!

^^ Wow. If looks could kill... ^^

^^ Bocci ball is our family's game. Don't play against us because you will lose, or we will be the worst sore losers ever. ^^

^^ Back to San Fran through an amazing rain storm. (Except for this guy, who didn't think it was amazing when his car sunk in the median.) ^^

August 5, 2015

summer nights

More from our Utah trip a few weeks ago...

Oh, Utah. You and your warm summer nights, big backyards, and family time have my heart. We spent time at my sister's new "farm," running in wide open spaces, and visiting good old Provo to help brainwash our kids into going to BYU.

These two photos are great. The one on the left is of Pipsqueak who locked herself in the bedroom, and we all learned my mom's new doorknobs have unpickable locks. We finally had to call our handyman to bring his tools and rescue her. And on the right, Munchkin told us she had a surprise, which was this BYU sticker right in the middle of our bumper. Lucky for us, it was raining and it didn't stick permanently, but she was pretty proud (the BYU brainwashing is working!).

4th of july weekend

I LOVE the 4th of July. Like, I don't think you understand. I listen to Ray Charles' America, the Beautiful all year long, and I would have fireworks every weekend if I could. So the fact that the holiday lasted all weekend this year was awesome.

Ruthie! We met up with old dental school friends for a BBQ pool party.

The Candy Bomber doing one last drop

I love that the girls insisted on dressing up as a poodle and ballerina for fireworks. I mean, these photos are priceless!

August 3, 2015

15 years

Do you know what I love about these girls?...

...15 years later and nothing has changed! Seriously, these girls have been my friends since junior high and every time we hang out it's like we're still 14. And now we have something crazy like 20 kids between the seven of us, who of course will all get married so we can be family. I love you guys so much! (And you, too, Linds. I'm so sad you couldn't come.)

Okay, these two on the left are allowed to get married!

And check out these two! I was going to say, "Who taught them this ridiculousness?" but I'm an idiot; we all bought selfie sticks on their trip out to San Francisco. Dang it, we are those people.

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