March 26, 2015

so many things to do!

Every day I try to take the girls on an outing because there are so many things to do in this city I don't think we've even scratched the surface. I need to narrow down a bucket list--any suggestions?

March 22, 2015

what motherhood is REALLY like

Tis time for another round of these beauties.

^^ Munchkin started coughing like she might pass out so I ran into the kitchen to find her inhaling powdered Nesquik from a straw. Props to her inventiveness, not so much on chocolate-coated lungs. ^^

^^ Must we really be so obsessed with the selfie? ^^

^^ I know every mom has to erase these from her phone every day, right? ^^

^^ These two are reeeeeally enjoying this walking tour. (Photo cred: Amy Favero) ^^

^^ Helping to uproot our friend's garden bed of calla lilies (which I really do apologize for. Not cool.) ^^

^^ I had to write a talk for church so I gave the girls some paper, scissors, and glue and told them to "LEAVE. ME. ALONE." ^^


March 18, 2015

free city tours

^^ I feel like there's a huge untapped resource of entertainment called SF City Guides. These are free walking tours of all the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the city. I recently went on one called Public Spaces of the Financial District, which was a tour of rooftop gardens and "secret" atriums downtown. Very cool. ^^

^^ We also went on a tour of the Ferry Building, which was then followed by walking around in circles trying to decide which overpriced sandwich we were going to buy from the farmer's market. The answer was none of them. My kids would never appreciate a $14 piece of bread and cheese. ^^

^^ Johnny's made a new tradition of taking me on a surprise adventure to somewhere new every week after church. I loved our little trip to the Moraga--or the Mosaic--Stairs. And just in case you were wondering, there are 163 steps (I have a weird habit of counting stairs. There are 32 up to my apartment, 186 on the "stairs of death" at BYU...) ^^

^^ This photo makes my blood boil. Munchkin took a dance class for nine weeks that parents were not allowed to watch. The very last week we were able to go inside the dance room and watch the girls perform for an hour. And this little turd sat on the floor and pouted (no smiles like above) before she was escorted off the floor by her instructor for "being rude to the other dancers." I went straight to the car and cried "woe-is-me tears"--not our finest moment. ^^

March 3, 2015

is this the real life? is this just fantasy?

^^ Can it be true?! Are these books really on Amazon for pre-order?! My HELLO, WORLD book series will be released October 20 from Penguin and I'm having an out-of-body experience over here. They're releasing four books in one season: Paris, London, San Francisco, and New York, and in the words of my agent Michelle, "The crashing noise you just heard was Ashley collapsing from exhaustion." Haha it's slightly true, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

P.S. A big thanks to Johnny, my momma, and my babies for being so forgiving while I work. I hope their early memories of me are of us reading these books together and not me hunched over a computer in my smelly sweats with dirty dishes piled up around me. (It's a very glamorous lifestyle.) ^^

February 23, 2015

tide pools and stinson beach

When last weekend started out with Munchkin learning to wink and cook breakfast, we knew it was going to be a good one. We ventured up north to the Muir Beach tide pools to poke poor unsuspecting sponges, and shove our pockets full of beach glass, broken mussels, and rocks, which are obviously treasures. 

We then drove up to Stinson Beach to build sand castles and bask in the sun. I feel like after 20 years of Utah winters, these sunny February are too good to be true. Sorry if you're reading this from Boston. 

February 20, 2015

sweet love

^^ My mom came to town and took the girls grocery shopping, and the loot they brought back exemplified everything a grandma is about. It's like she bought everything from those end-of-aisle displays with holiday stuff and junk food...and we wouldn't have it any other way! ^^

^^ She even decorated Valentine mail boxes with them, which is great because I would have gone for the grocery bag look. ^^

^^ The girls were invited to a kid's Valentine party to pass out their mail. Honestly, passing out cards in school was the most anticipated day of the year for me other than Christmas. I still remember in Kindergarten picking out my best Little Mermaid Valentine for Dylan Ainsworth (Carly, did you know that?!). It's like you could judge your relationship with someone by the size of your Valentine. Those boxes only came with like three or four big ones so you reserved those for ones for best friends and crushes. Anyone?! ^^

^^ Leftover crepes for breakfast--I only made about 200 the previous day for a Valentine Crepe party. ^^

^^ And the perfect way to end the day! ^^

February 17, 2015

what motherhood is REALLY like

I recently read an article HERE about "real mom" posts and how, basically, these real moms are not better mothers just because they spend time with their kids instead of cleaning their houses. I totally agree with this. I think I post these out of pure humor and pity for myself, and so I can laugh about them later on. I'm not a better mother because my house is a mess, I just have really messy kids. In fact, those moms with the clean houses must be better moms because they're taking care of human beings AND keeping their houses clean. I envy them.

^^ She's really nailing this selfie. ^^

^^ Organizing clothing with two kids who have to try on every single piece takes literally six hours. ^^

^^ This one is trained like Pavlov's dogs. She responds to food by immediately stripping, even if it's in public. We ended up rolling with it this time because she kept throwing her shirt on the restaurant floor. ^^

^^ The laundry basket full of freshly folded clothes was needed to row a boat, so the clothes were dumped elsewhere. ^^

Speaking of the laundry basket...I put the girls in timeout the other day and soon heard a huge THUD followed by crying. Pipsqueak had climbed out of the crib (something she doesn't do yet) and had hit the ground. I put her back in to finish timeout (after I comforted her; I'm not that bad of a mom), and turned on the baby cam to see how she was escaping. I then watched Munchkin hold up the empty laundry basket to the side of the crib and say, "Just jump, I'll catch you." After rolling on the ground laughing, I ran in to save Pipsqueak from another failed attempt at escape.

^^ I think it takes me twice as long to edit because I have an adorable appendage that never leaves me. Ever. ^^

^^ I hate rice. I mean, I don't think I will ever cook it again. You cannot see the amount of rice that was all over the house. And of course they thought it was hilarious. ^^ 

^^ Valentine's Day is a little less romantic with kids, and especially if you almost burn down the kitchen. Let's just say there was a miscommunication and a big rush to hurry and get the kids to bed, and our takeout almost didn't survive. ^^

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