July 23, 2014

what are men to rocks and mountains?

^^ Tibble Fork Lake is the greatest mountain lake in Utah. Okay, ignore the fact that it's only 50 degrees, and that we just found out there are leeches, it is the most picture-perfect, quintessential lake. ^^

^^ We also hiked up to Bell Canyon Lake, another goodie. Although, Johnny decided to take us off the path through the mud and woods and I kind of freaked out. There's a shameful video of me losing it. ^^

July 21, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

Oh, what motherhood is REALLY like. My girls do seem to be improving on their naughtiness, but not really haha. And if you want to make motherhood a little bit easier for yourself, CLICK HERE for a FREE giveaway of an awesome mom product (or scroll down to the next post after this in my blog)!

^^ The diapers are clearly too close to the crib, but it's either the diapers or the diaper pail. I choose the diapers. ^^

^^ It's always fun to find piles of art around the house. ^^

^^ No. Just no. ^^

^^ Sing it with me: HALLELUJAH! Driving home from Utah was a little easier as soon as this happened. ^^

^^ See this selfie... ^^

^^ I found 96 of them on my phone today... ^^

^^ 96! ^^

July 18, 2014

Giveaway: ReSqueeze (4-pack)

See this awesome ad to the right over here? >>>>>>>
One of my good friends created a magic product for moms called the ReSqueeze, and I think you all should get the chance to win one.

My girls are LOVING their new ReSqueeze pouches and I am too, especially after that crazy thing about worms found in pre-packaged pouches went around the internet. No, gracias. Anyway, they're super easy to fill up with applesauce (if you're lazy like me), or you can be more ambitious and fill them with your own puree. And the best part? You can throw them in the dishwasher and use them again! Thank you, ReSqueeze, for stopping many-a-meltdown in the store. You sure do make what motherhood is REALLY like a little bit easier.

July 16, 2014

I had one cool dad

^^ We went to the air show in Utah and I had no idea it would be so emotional for me. My dad flew jets in the Air Force and seeing all the pilots in their flight suits made me choke up a little. But I really did enjoy being there to see what a rockstar he was. I love this picture above because I found out my dad flew this very T-38 with my Uncle Don!!! My uncle looked up the tail number in his flight book and they really did fly this exact same jet. It was neat to be so close to something from my dad's past. I also loved seeing the F-16 below because he flew that one, too. The movie Top Gun came out while he was in the Air Force and I have a feeling he and all the pilots thought they were pretty hot stuff. ^^

July 15, 2014

america the beautiful

^^ Okay, is this not the greatest photo of Munchkin ever? I have to start this post with it because, well, how can I not? Anyway, the 4th was good to us with a bike parade, pancake breakfast, great grandparents, swimming, and fireworks. And if anyone wants to know the way to my heart (Johnny), it's with fireworks. Put on Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" and this girl will swoon. ^^

July 14, 2014

no kids = party time!

^^ We were so lucky to go to Lake Powell with friends over Johnny's summer break. And the best part...no kids!!! I obviously love my kids, but I did not have a hard time leaving them with grandma, like at all. We needed that little break big time, and it was great to enjoy it with friends in 100-degree weather. And a huge thank you to our host Scott. He is incredible! ^^

June 11, 2014

enjoying the last of summer

The fog has rolled in again here in San Fran and our short month of summer is over--sniff, sniff. But we enjoyed every last drop of it and have some fun photos of our adventures.

^^ We love this windmill garden in GG Park, and the kids love it because they actually get to play in grass--and grass without dog poop at that! (Photo creds to Amy Clevenger and Gena Patten.) ^^

^^ I feel like this is a great mom photo, I don't know why. And I think I'm even parallel parking, which I can actually do now in less than five tries. Thanks to my sis for snapping this shot. ^^

^^ There are three things that make me go weak in the knees: Food, BBC miniseries, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My sister found a cookbook that combined two of these things, making it the greatest gift ever. We made an amazing Edwardian feast and ate so much we felt rather American instead of British. Now, if only Joseph Gordon-Levitt could have fed it to me... ^^

^^ Japanese Tea Garden ^^

^^ Johnny's school recently hosted an event for all of the cultures represented in the school. My friend Natalie and I made a Utah/LDS table because, let's be honest, there's a real culture when it comes to our food. We did our state right by serving jello, fries with fry sauce, and deep fried scones. ^^

^^ A little kickball with friends ^^

^^ The only day of the year--and probably whole time we will live here--that it was hot enough to actually get in the freezing water. These brave ladies are the only reason I did it! (Okay, and I might have also really had to pee and the public restroom...let's not even go there.) ^^

^^ Thank you, Kalei, for inviting us over for a swim and popsicles! ^^

^^ Already takes her camera everywhere, just like mamma. ^^

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