April 8, 2014

what motherhood is REALLY like

More photo treasures for my mom book! I love these posts. In retrospect.

^^ I'm kinda heartbroken over this one. Johnny bought me a lemon tree for my birthday last year and we have been waiting for 10 months to harvest our measly 4 lemons. Finally, they were ripe! So I made homemade lemon bars only to have them RUINED by little fingers. Come on! ^^

^^ The kids were sick for over a week, so the only reasonable thing to do was keep the blowup mattress in the living room and watch TV all week long.^^

^^ Pardon the bum shot, but does it look like I peed my pants? That's because while riding the bus, Pipsqueak peed all over my lap and chair. The cool, hipster passengers took one look at my peed-on mom jeans and decided they will never have kids. ^^

^^ This picture has two parts. First, I had to buy this Korean (?) language book from the store because Munchkin so lovingly gave it to Pipsqueak to tear apart. Bah. Then after putting them to bed, Munchkin again decided to give it to Pipsqueak, who finished the job. Whatevs, we couldn't read it anyway. ^^

^^ Gap Kids models are false advertisements. No children--at least mine--don't dress like them. Even if I owned those clothes, this is how they would end up looking anyway. ^^

^^ The first week we moved to SF we were invited over to a friend's house where Munchkin ate their coasters like pancakes. Nine months later, Pipsqueak discovered them and did the exact same thing. Their only two coasters with damage both were at the hands of my kids. Why? ^^

^^ One of the hotels we stayed at on our spring break trip had the nastiest floors. Like NASTY. The before and after of Pipsqueak's feet are a real treat. ^^

^^ I thought Munchkin was watching a movie, but she really was eating a brand new tub of cream cheese and smearing it all over her body. ^^

^^ Screaming and throwing a tantrum to passed out dead in literally a minute. I love that the book is still in her hand. ^^

April 4, 2014

disneyland (part 2)

 ^^ Sorry for dragging spring break out for so many posts, but I promise this is the last. Disney was good to us, despite the millions of cheerleaders and choir teams there for some competition. Darn youths. We held it together and only told them off once for cutting in line, which they apparently think is how waiting in line works. You know, one friend holds the spot until they get close to the front and then fifty friends jump in line. Not cool. But these are the faces of the happiest kids on earth. Johnny told me he held that face the whole ride because he couldn't tell where the camera was--haha nice. ^^ 

^^ The best $18 sandwich to ever touch your lips. No Monte Cristo will ever come close. ^^

^^ What would I do without my brothers? I was going for the "funny, scared" look, but I think the real terror came out quite nicely. ^^

^^ TAKE NOTE! The Aladdin musical was amazing and something I feel like many people don't know about. It was broadway worthy and one of the best parts of the day. Seriously, go. ^^

^^ As we were getting off this ride, actress Penelope Cruz and her whole posse were getting on. How nice to be a celebrity and get to cut everyone in line (I'm still a little bitter about line cutters, can't you tell?). ^^

^^ This is why we could never be vegetarians. How are you supposed to go to Disneyland and not eat a turkey leg? So, so, so, so good. And this picture is not posed; Johnny really is having a moment with that meat. ^^

^^ The Wonderful World of Colors--it almost made Johnny late for class. The show started at 10 pm Sunday night and Johnny had school at 8 am in San Francisco. Being the responsible folks we are, naturally, we chose the World of Colors and then drove all night back home. And by "we" I mean Johnny. I was slurring about 20 minutes into the car ride and passed out into a coma. But what a spring break! ^^

April 3, 2014

disneyland (part 1)

^^ Okay, let's just start off by saying I cried within the first five minutes of entering Disneyland. It made me cry to see Munchkin with her favorite Disney character, Mary Poppins. That movie has been on repeat at our house and she kept telling Julie Andrews that she was coming to her house to see her. When she finally did meet her, I saw my child's dream come true and just cried.

It was so wonderful to play in Fantasyland and go on a bunch of rides I didn't even know existed. We tried to see some of the princesses, but I just don't love my children as much as some other people do because I was not about to wait 2.5 hours in line for a picture. (Jillian Ringer, you're a better mom than me.) 

Our girls were rockstars and waited in lines like champs considering their ages, but man, babies are hard at Disney. I'm not even kidding when I say Munchkin had to pee like 10 times a day and we had to drop whatever we were doing. Oh, and we actually LOST her one time somewhere between the stroller and getting onto the Mark Twain steamboat. She was a smart girl and went back to the stroller and waited for her incompetent parents. And Pipsqueak threw her shoe off and lost it within the first 15 minutes, so she walked barefoot on the super clean ground all day. Babies! ^^

^^ Oh, and we ran into another dental school family, the Clevengers! SoCal was a happening place for spring break! ^^

April 2, 2014

huntington beach and earthquakes

Hey guys, remember that one time Southern California had a huge earthquake while my family was on vacation there? I don't say this lightly because earthquakes are a big deal and I know Chile just had a devastating one. Ours was tiny in comparison, but it still gave us a scare. We were out to dinner at Downtown Disney and the whole restaurant started shaking like crazy and it sounded like thunder. I stood up and yelled, "Get under the table!"--all those drills in elementary school weren't a waste after all! Of course, my brother, Kash, was every man for himself and protected his whole body under the table by lying down flat, leaving little room for his mother and the babes. Haha, good job. There were a few seconds where I thought this could possibly be the end, but we were lucky it stopped quickly. Our food came and everyone got a to-go box because our appetites were gone. So much for Disney being the happiest place on earth! But before the earthquake, we actually had a pretty fun day at the beach!

^^ We played at Huntington Beach all day with my cousin, Cole, and my brother, Kash. I highly recommend renting bikes! That water was waaaay too cold for any sane person, so bikes were fun. ^^

^^ The bathrooms, oh the bathrooms! I took one step inside and turned right around. But then I realized I was going to pee my pants and sucked it up. I realize I might be a little high maintenance (Johnny is nodding his head "yes"), but seriously, what are people doing in there?! ^^

^^ Contemplating their polar bear plunge. They actually did it and lasted for a good ten minutes. ^^

^^ It was so fun to meet up with two other dental school couples and play with them all day. Jordan and Amber were awesome and let us come play at their hotel pool. There was even a fire pit that we roasted s'mores at and Chris and Kalei were able to come, too! And I'd like to publicly apologize to everyone there in behalf of Munchkin who single-handedly ate most of the marshmallows, and may have eaten a whole Hershey's bar by herself. I'm sorry. ^^

April 1, 2014

pacific highway road trip (part 2)

^^ Warning: Photo dump ahead; there were just too many pretty things to leave out of this post. On our second day of the road trip we started with Hearst Castle, something you've got to see at least once. I can't imagine what it must have been like in the 1920s to go to one of his glitzy, Gatsby-style parties...I want to go to there! ^^

^^ Hearst went over to Europe and bought pieces of architecture and art to form this castle. These tapestries are the originals and the Louvre in Paris actually has the replicas--crazy! And that fireplace could eat you it's so big. ^^

^^ Anyone care for a dip in the gold-tiled swimming pool? ^^

^^ We also visited the sweet Dutch town of Solvang. We had dinner at a place called the Red Viking and literally ate a smorgasbord of meatballs, cabbage, sausage, and ableskivers. Soooo good. Johnny felt like he was one with his Viking people. And I don't know what it is about windmills but they really make me swoon. ^^

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