June 13, 2009

the lobster

Is this not the happiest face you have ever seen? Johnny loves lobster, but the story of how it ended up on his plate is even better.

On our trip out to Escudo de Veraguas we were driving around the island when we spotted this boat out in the reef.

And then a boy popped out of the water and we realized he was diving for sea creatures! He does this every day and then sells his catch at the local market.

The guys wanted to buy his catch of the day so we pulled right up next to him and bought 4 fresh lobsters for $6! Can you believe how cheap that is!? That would cost, what, $125 in the states? We felt like we were robbing him so we gave him $9, but our guide said he totally ripped us off because we were Americans and that he should have sold them to us cheaper. Craziness.

An array of sea-folk: octopus, lobsters, fish, unrecognizables

So we got back to the hotel and cooked those lobsters for dinner. Yummy. The end.
(Poor, poor lobster = happy, happy Johnny)

1 comment:

  1. Ash it looks like you guys are having such a good time. i can't believe all of the fun things you have already done. it makes me want to come visit even more now. keep up on all of the posts, i love seeing all of the pics. we love and miss you guys!!


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