June 17, 2009

humanitarian shout-out

Being down here in Panama has been a humbling experience. It really is a third-world country and a lot of people barely get by. So, Johnny and I went to the LDS mission president and asked what we could do to help, and he gave us a list of items that people, specifically members of the LDS church, are in need of. If you want to help out and donate any of the following items, call my mom, who is in charge of this humanitarian project. 801.898.6261.

*Children's clothing: shoes (sandals), white shirts for church, church pants, every-day clothes
*Teen clothing
*Hygiene kits (soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste, combs, etc.)
*Triples in Spanish (Book of Mormon, D&C, and PofGP)
*Primary aides: anything to make primary fun (stickers, pictures...)
(this last one breaks my heart)
*Missionary clothing: there are about 20 worthy young men who are ready to go on missions but they can't afford the clothing. They need white shirts, ties, a suit, pants, and good shoes. This is the only thing that is stopping them. If you could sponsor even one of them, it would be such a blessing.

Thanks to anyone willing to help, it means a lot!

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  1. Hey Ashley! I saw this on your facebook and I was wondering if you are looking for only new clothes for the missionary boys or if they can be used? My husband was just about to send some of his short sleeved church shirts to D.I. but if you could use them we could get them to your mom for you. Thanks!


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