June 12, 2009

the iguana

On our trip out to Escudo de Veraguas, our guides decided to go iguana hunting (I didn't even know people hunted iguanas, but apparently, they do). Iguana meat is a delicacy in Panama so they were determined to catch one.

If you look closely, there's an iguana chilling in the tree. Our guide climbed it and tried to sneak up on him, but he jumped 20 feet down into the ocean. Apparently he would rather drown than be captured.

After it jumped into the water, one of our guides pushed the other off the boat--in his clothes--and threw him a snorkle mask. That iguana was not allowed to get away! He eventually caught it.

Ta-da! Unfortunately for the iguana, theses guys then proceded to tie its legs behind its back, shove it into the anchor compartment, and then roast him for dinner that night. Poor little guy.

1 comment:

  1. I think we ate iguana on those yummy skewers from the bbq on wheels.


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