June 12, 2009

escudo de veraguas

This island, Escudo de Veraguas, is one of the properties Johnny's company is working on. It's so beautiful it almost looks fake. These pictures Johnny took really don't even do it justice. I must tell you how we got to this island, though. It's 37 miles off the coast of Panama, which is a LONG way in a boat. But we didn't take a big, strong boat; we took a dingy. Might I also mention it is rainy season and tropical storms are very common. I was so scared driving out into the middle of the ocean, going up and down huge ocean swells, leaving my kidnies behind (we were slamming down on those waves pretty hard). BUT, it was worth it because this is what we saw!

This is Roberto Samudio! He is an old Panamanian man who is working with Johnny and his partners--Roberto calls them his sons since he has none of his own. And you would never believe how old this strong, agile, intelligent guy is--80!!!

1 comment:

  1. wow, it's beautiful there. Looks like an adventure awaits for both of you. good luck, can't wait to hear all about it at Lake Powell. Love you guys.


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