October 8, 2014

fall utah adventures

Last week Johnny had a school thing that required him to take the car every day for the whole week. I thought to myself, "One whole week stuck in my house without a car and two babies. No, thank you." So we packed our bags and flew to Mummsie's! 

^^ Pipsqueak walked right under the captain's legs and into the cockpit, but he was awesome and let her play around with all the toys. ^^

^^ 6am flight with two babies--yeesh! ^^

^^ Costco, making dreams come true. ^^

^^ Munchkin's first words after opening this Anna costume: "I want Elsa." Geez, we've got to work on manners. ^^

^^ My friends from junior high and I are still super close, and we always get together when I come in town. We are quickly growing, though--17 kids and counting between the seven of us! ^^

^^ Our kids need to grow up so they can take a proper picture of us. It seems like all the pictures we have are off-centered, photo-timed bombs. ^^

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