December 5, 2013

woodland photo shoot

We had a family photo session the other day with my amazing photographer friend, Gena. (Seriously, check out her work here.) I was so worried about the fog, but I actually like how it made the photos look wintry and nordic. If only I could live near the black forest or somewhere Scandinavian... And I absolutely love Pipsqueak's outfit; it was mine when I was her age. Who can resist a baby in lederhosen?! (More photos of our Golden Gate Bridge session to come soon.)

1 comment:

  1. UMMM CAUTE. Maybe I tried to convince Brett that Carson needed liederhosen when we went to Austria and maybe he was very against it. Your pics make me sad I didn't just get them for him. Also, how dreamy do you guys look!? Cute fam, Ash.


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