December 4, 2013

gobble, gobble

Ohhhhhh, how I love Thanksgiving! I can't think of anything more American than eating until you're sick, and then eating some more. You might think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. I really do love that. (BTW, someone needs to invent a punctuation mark or font that implies sarcasm. It would save me from looking a fool many a time.) Anyway, we spent the weekend up in Yuba City with my extended family and had the greatest time. I don't know, guys, that city is looking pretty tempting to settle down in.

^^ Classic sourdough bread from Boudin was our contribution to the spread. I'm already a proud San Franciscan, if you can't tell. ^^

^^ What holiday is complete without a little mishap, right? I am happy to say this one surprisingly had nothing to do with my children. ^^

^^ Munchkin's Friday School friends ^^

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