August 15, 2011

isn't that pinteresting?

Now that I'm nursing for 23 hours day, I have quite a bit of down time on my hands.
Unfortunately, I discovered Pinterest a few days before Baby Girl was born, and now that's all I do while I nurse.

Here are a few of my most "pinteresting" finds from last week: 

Amen to this!

I'll be making this extender slip with this tutorial

I've already made these Red Velvet Brownies four times. Yes, four times since last week.

Stuffed elephant made from vintage quilts 

I think I need one of these pretty floral iPhone cases

A framed whiteboard to document special occasions and milestones

LOVE this collage of hand-painted plates 

Wrapped-brick bookends--genius!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ashley
    Congratulations again on your little sweetheart! Isn't motherhood wonderful? My baby is almost 7 months old now-fun and cute age! Just wanted to say thanks for posting about those Red Velvet brownies-i made them yesterday and they were SO good! Its a keeper! ♥Suzy


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