August 17, 2011

baby girl is born!

I thought about sharing Baby Girl's birth story, but decided it is too personal and spiritual to Johnny and me, so I'll keep it private. However, there's nothing wrong with posting a few pics from the special day!

Excited to have a baby!

The blue graph shows the contractions. I can't believe I couldn't feel those. I was lucky enough to get my epidural almost immediately and never really felt what a real contraction feels like.

Passing the time

I love this picture of Johnny

Can you see the small glimpse of fear in my eyes? I kept thinking, "I'm not the mom here, I'm supposed to be the kid. What am I supposed to do now?"

Mummsie and Baby

Johnny sleeping on the "father's bed," aka a small, uncomfortable cushion not big enough for any grown man.

My youngest brother, Jett, doesn't know what to think about a new baby. He's been the baby for so long and this is all kind of weird for him.

In the evening the hospital served us a special celebration dinner, which was pretty delish considering hospital food is not exactly tasty. 

Don't mind the rat nest I have on the back of my head. This was day three and there was no helping the nappy hair.


  1. she is beautiful and you looked great after having a baby! i love the fathers bed so funny shawn's favorite. congrats!

  2. Love it. I'm so happy for the three (nearly wrote "two"!) of you.


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