February 17, 2010

this is ruining my life

Nooooo! Johnny and I have succumbed! Everyone in America is addicted, literally can’t live life without it: the TV show “Lost.” It’s in its seventh and final season and I’ve heard people are finally going to know what’s been going on in the show. Neither of us has ever watched it, and I’ve actually kind of avoided it because I knew I would acquire an immediate dependency. But we lost our battle against “Lost” when we watched the pilot from the first season out of pure and utter boredom. Big mistake. We have now spent the last few days having a “Lost” marathon and I LITERALLY dream about it now. We look forward to our “Lost” parties at night and stay up until wee hours watching this most addictive show.

It’s not even that good
, that’s what bugs me. It’s just so weird and confusing that we keep watching, hoping we’ll figure something out. Ahhh, what are we doing with our lives!!!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the club! We should have lost parties on Tuesday nights!


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