January 20, 2010

hawaiian wedding crasher

One of my mom's best friends got married on the beach in Hawaii last week. My mom was planning to go by herself but the day before she left I decided to stowaway. I'm really glad I went, even if I did crash the wedding. But I love Carmen and I'm so happy for her! Isn't her family beautiful?!

shave ice--it is sooo good

Hanama Bay

This is the palm tree Johnny and I had our engagement pics under!

My FAVORITE pres, haha


  1. Ash I'm so jealous!! It looked like a blast and I definitely miss the beach and Matsumoto's :)

  2. Oh, how I miss the warmth! Carmen looked beautiful...and the wedding looked so romantic. Love her dress! Hope your mom is doing ok seeing Carmen get married off. Great pics, looked like you had fun soaking up some sun!


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