July 14, 2009

the incident with the spider(s)

Because Johnny and I are only visiting, we've been staying at my mom's house on a mattress in the basement family room. Beggars can't be choosy. Anyway, the other night at around midnight I saw something crawling on the sheets next to me. I ran to turn on the lights and my sneaky suspicion that it was a creepy crawler was confirmed. There was a HUGE ugly spider sitting in the middle of our bed (girls exaggerate about the size of bugs, but Johnny will back me up, it was huge). I scream for Johnny to kill it so he grabs a pillow to smack it with, and when he hits it, hundreds of baby spiders explode across our bed!!! The horrors, the horrors! It was a nightmare come true. It took ten minutes to vacuum up the spiders plus the baby momma. Let's just say I slept in my mom's bed that night.

But the story gets better.

The next morning I go to make the bed so I shake out the blanket and hundreds more baby spiders go flying!!! This has to be a nightmare, but low and behold, I'm awake and baby momma number 2 is trying to make her escape! At this point I'm hysterical (and so glad I slept upstairs). We've since vacuumed and are in the process of spraying the basement but I think I'm permanently traumatized. Can you blame me?!


  1. haha that is sooo funny..and gross! Way to be kind of brave.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! That is so scary! I would have slept as far away as possible from that! So so scary Ash! I'm so sorry:)

  3. Time to call the exterminator! That is horrible. There's probably a colony of them in your mom's basement somewhere. I always have spider dreams and now thanks to you I will probably have exploding momma spider dreams.

  4. Oh my heck that is the funniest story! And it is so funny that it happened to you just because you are so scared of anything crawling. I would have died too though. Oh ash you crack me up


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