July 19, 2009

high point

Here's an adventure I forgot to post.

High Point is a jungle-y mountainous area--quite beautiful. That is, until you have to hike it in 100-degree weather, with the bugs, for four hours.

Pretending to freak out before going through an especially jungly area (full of creepy crawlers, no doubt) with a machete.

Freaking out for real when bugs start to crawl on me.

A room with a view. Imagine having a house here, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. (That's the ocean on the horizon.)

Now for the best part. When we got home we were beat, smelly, exhausted and I just wanted to go to bed. This is when Johnny says, "Ashley, don't freak out, but I found a tick." Yes, we got ticks. We spent the next hour searching and destroying the little suckers. I think I'll wait to go to High Point again when there's asphalt and flushing toilets.

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