April 13, 2009

sun valley

This weekend we drove up to Sun Valley to visit my Nanni and Papa for Easter...best road trip ever!
Here's a list of the Top Ten Things We Did On the Way:

#10 Seeing this guy on the freeway

#9 Sierra making fun of Star Wars and Jett saying with literally almost tears in his eyes, "No it's not, take it back!" It was pretty funny

#8 Sierra actually liking Star Wars after watching it

#8 Smith and Edwards (the only place I know that sells cookware and hand grenades under the same roof)

#6 Stopping at an authentic Indian trading post...pretty cool

#5 We had to stop and pet the baby calves
#4 The Shoshone Museum of Natural History (out in the middle of nowhere is one of the world's greatest collections of animals and artifacts. We even saw a mammoth skeleton!)

#3 Twin Falls (it was a lot bigger than we thought)
#2 The Mammoth Cave (a sign in the middle of the desert said "CAVE" so we said, "Why not?!" The employee handed us two lanterns and said have fun, so we explored an old cave all by ourselves!)

#1 Seeing these two cute old men sleeping in their car in a parking lot...naptime!

1 comment:

  1. Fun! I love the pic of that guy driving with ALL his stuff!!! Your puppy is getting big...and SO cute!


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