April 9, 2009

kids are funny

While driving on the freeway today a school bus full of kids was trying to merge into my lane, so I let them in. Some little kid in the back gave me the peace sign to say thanks and I gave him the peace sign back. Then he turned around and was saying something to his friends all excited, and the next thing I know, ten little boys are crammed up against the back window giving me the peace sign. Remember on field trips when you would pretend to pull a horn so a semi would honk his horn? I felt like the guy driving the semi. I laughed and gave them all the peace sign. Little kids are awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Or, my interpretation...that was probably his first time a "hot chick" responded to him from another car. He was probably the coolest kid on the bus that day because a pretty girl waved at him.


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