July 1, 2008

The Shaft

There's this abandoned mine shaft out in the middle of nowhere; it's a huge hole in the ground (probably a mile deep at least) and there's a grate over it. Pretty much you light milk jugs full of gasoline on fire and throw them in. It makes a huge explosion, shooting winds at 100 mph and rocks and rubble everywhere. Totally fun. And dangerous.

Johnny and Ashley!!!

This is how they did it: they squatted down, each holding 4 gallons, they lit them on fire, dropped them, then ran like hell.

We had over 75 gallons of gasoline. At $4 a gallon, this was a very expensive Saturday night activity. But hey, when you're Mormon and live in Utah, what else are you supposed to do?

Our friends Kurt and Kelsey. Poor Kels was running away from the explosion and fell and cut her hand open pretty bad.

There were probably 50 people there at least. Of course, only like five people helped pay for the 75 gallons of gas.

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