June 30, 2008

Airline Etiquette 101

This is just another fun article I wrote for the magazine I work for.

Airline Etiquette

By Ashley Evanson
Traveling can be stressful: keeping track of way more suitcases than you actually needed, attempting to soothe screaming kids, and not to mention, the 4-hour flight ahead of you. And once you get on the plane, there are always those people who seem to forget the unwritten rules of airline travel, making the trip even more uncomfortable. Avoid being one of those people by following these tips of airline etiquette.
1. Don’t rearrange other people’s luggage
If you need to move something from the overhead bins, always ask the owner first.
2. Sit in your assigned seat
Wait until everyone has boarded the plane before you switch seats. There’s nothing more annoying than finding someone in the seat you paid for.
3. Store carry-ons under your own seat
Just because the space underneath your neighbor’s chair is empty doesn’t mean you get to use it.
4. Not everyone likes to chat
Some people think they have to befriend the person sitting next to them. If you’re the only one contributing to the conversation, take the hint.
5. Kids will be kids
Kids cry and talk loudly, that’s expected, but be prepared to keep them entertained so they bother other passengers as little as possible. And never let them play on the seatback of the person in front of them.
6. Don’t violate personal space
The chair, space between headrests, legroom, and armrests of the person sitting next to you belong to them—don’t try to sneak your way over.
7. Newspaper no no
Reading a broadsheet newspaper violates the personal space rule. Bring a book or magazine.
8. Rubbernecking is wrong
Don’t lean over someone to look out the window, to talk across the aisle, or try to read the magazine your neighbor is reading.
9. Don’t use the seatback to get up
You can imagine how annoying it would be if someone yanked on the back of your chair every time they had to stand up. Use the armrests instead.
10. The aisle is not a hangout
The aisles are small enough, and having to maneuver around someone who’s standing in the aisle chatting with a friend violates a lot more than personal space.

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