November 3, 2014

ain't no party like a SF halloween party

^^ I said it about Halloween last year and I'll say it again, there's no place like San Fran for Halloween! (Okay, the one exception is probably Salem, MA which I WILL spend Halloween in one year.) Anyhoo, we started our day with a trick-or-treat parade for the kids along the shops of Chestnut Street. The fact that it was pouring rain didn't stop these kids, it actually gave them the advantage of scoring more candy from lack of the usual throngs.

And then there is the glorious nighttime trick-or-treating in the streets of Pac Heights. OH what a night! Every house is decked with spooky decor; the streets are buzzing with kids and adults all dressed up; and you're just as likely to be given regular-sized candy bars, alcoholic cider, stuffed animals, zoo passes, and even sushi and pizza at one house, as you are the typical Halloween candy. And the houses are all so close together our kids could run up and down the blocks faster than we could keep up or wait for friends. In the end, our kids came home with TEN POUNDS of candy that I don't know what to do with. Halloween night I went to bed with a fistful of candy in my bed and woke up with Halloween hangover. 

So with only one more Halloween in San Fran, please come stay with us for next year's celebrations!!! (Unless you're a stranger reading this, and then maybe you should get a hotel.) ^^

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