September 25, 2014

city adventures

^^ *Sigh* I will never tire of the millions of fun things San Fran has to offer. I'm already putting together a to-do list to complete before friends graduate and move away next year, so please leave me any and all suggestions in a comment!

Grace Cathedral is one of those places I can't stop going back to. I find something new every time, like these beautiful red doors. I hear they do yoga on the labyrinth if anyone wants to join me and/or watch my kids... ^^

^^ Fort Mason has some neat outdoor science experiments that were once part of the Exploratorium. There's also this ancient, weatherworn ship called the Galilee that the kids loved. ^^

^^ Munchkin's second favorite work of art at the de Young Museum. ^^

^^ East Beach is the best for kids and watching sailboats. ^^

^^ Dessert with friends at Toy Boat is usually a fight over who gets to sit on the horse. I like how they have a sign that says, "Don't be this guy. The horse is for kids." ^^

^^ I'm still trying to hop on the "Tartine Is Awesome" bandwagon, but to me, it's still just an overpriced hipster joint. ^^

^^ Gotta love the trollies. This one was being rented by a wedding party and the driver let us hop on while they were out taking photos. And I love Nacho/Batman. ^^

^^ Bob's Donuts, you never let us down. Two times in three days. ^^

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