August 29, 2014

some very big news!

^^ I have been keeping a secret for some time now and I'm so excited to finally be sharing it! I feel so lucky to announce that I will be publishing a children's book series with Penguin Random House! There's not a set release date, but we predict they'll hit bookshelves by winter 2015. 

I feel so grateful for my husband, Johnny, who has come home many times to a disastrous house, no food, piles of laundry, and found me glued to the computer working on my books. Not to mention our poor kids who have learned quite well to fend for themselves. [On a side note: my neglect has produced some fantastic photos for my "what motherhood is REALLY like" posts.]

I feel like I've been guided through this whole process and kind of stumbled upon the right websites, emailed the right people at the right time, and really lucked out with finding the perfect agency who helped me land this book deal. I don't typically get spiritual on my blog, but I would be wrong not to acknowledge my Heavenly Fathered who I know had a hand in this and I feel so grateful for his love and guidance.

Anyway, I'll continue to update my blog on the progress of my books, and I've actually got another project in the works that I hope I'll be announcing later next week. Good things are happening! ^^


  1. Yay!!!!! This is so exciting!! It takes dedication and a strong person to make this happen!! - linlee

  2. Congratulations! I was so curious to know what news you were hiding when you mentioned something the other day. How absolutely wonderful!

  3. Congratulations! That is very exciting. I'm excited to see it when it comes out. :) Way to go!

  4. So happy for you Ashley!! I knew this day would come, you are SO talented��

  5. Congrats! Thats sooo exciting and your illustrations are fabulous!


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