August 18, 2014

seven years of happiness

WARNING: Picture overload! 
Seven years of marriage has been really good to Johnny and me. We've been lucky enough go through the ups and downs together, having the other one to cry to or laugh to (or at). I can't believe we've had two girls, one dog, traveled the world, lived in my mom's basement, lived in San Francisco, graduated from college, gone back to college for a career change, let him fly me in an airplane like the first time I met him, left him to go to BYU-Hawaii when we were seems like we've done it all! But I know this is just the beginning of our lives together and I can't wait to see what's next. Love you, Babe.

^^ Baby Johnny and Ashley! ^^

^^ BYU-Hawaii where I left him for my "studies" ^^

^^ Animals on the dance floor ^^

^^ Halloween costumes are the greatest. We never miss a chance to dress up. ^^

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