March 31, 2014

pacific highway road trip (part 1)

^^ For the second half of Johnny's spring break we road tripped down the entire coast of California--what a drive! Every corner is a new, scenic view, and there are tons of places to pull over and see animals and pretty beaches. We started out at Pebble Beach and took the 17 mile drive, which is totally worth the $10. We took our time and drove down to San Simeon for the night. I recommend a couple of days to drive the coast if you really want to stop and enjoy it all. ^^

^^ Part of the 17 mile drive at Pebble Beach is a beach that has a hundred sea lions sun bathing on a rock. How do they even get up there? ^^

^^ Apparently, Bixby Bridge is one of the most photographed landmarks in California. Really? So we had to stop and join the club. ^^

^^ This beach is called Friends of the Elephant Seals and was packed with none other. Okay, those are some stinky animals. How does an animal that spends its whole day bathing in the water stink so badly? Like so bad. But the kiddies loved to see them up so close. ^^

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