October 11, 2013

coastal trails and carousels

I don't know who's having more fun on this carousel, Munchkin or mom? There's something in me that wants to run away with the circus. If fairs and carnivals had roadies, I think I would be one. Anyway, Munchkin chose to ride "Daisy" and even tried to look happy about it. (What is that face she's making ^^ in this picture?!)

^^ I am loving fall weather here! We walked along the coastal trails of Baker Beach, which I totally think look like the Amalfi Coast (anyone, anyone?). Then we semi-accidentally walked onto the nudist beach, which was covered in a bunch of old walrus-looking men. Nice. I've said it before: Who on earth wants sand and sunburns in all those places?! It's madness, people. But it was a great walk! ^^

1 comment:

  1. Love the upside down sunglasses. Nothing like a guy wearin a baby carrier--one of my favorite fashions on Brett. Looks like SF is awesome.


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