August 11, 2011

baby girl according to my iphone

1. Check out all of her hair! I was so happy when she came out with a full head of it.
2. Dressing her is like playing dolls. Lucky for me, she ruins so many outfits we get to play dress up all day!
3. Her hands are so tiny. I still can't believe this mini person is mine.
4. I think this picture of her looks exactly like my little brother Jett.
5. Sleeping beauty. She is a dream baby and sleeps like 22 hours a day. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to last.
6. This poor baby gets smothered in kisses all day long. She is one loved baby.
7. She's got the Johnson family bug eyes.
8. We really want her to be a guidette when she grows up so we bought her a baby tanning bed. Just kidding. She has really bad jaundice and had to lay on this light bed for the first ten days of her life. Talk about torture--we never got to hold her!

1 comment:

  1. She's beautiful! I laughed out loud at the baby tanning bed. It makes me happy to see how thrilled you are with her. Aren't they amazing little beings?


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