March 27, 2010

holi festival of colors

To welcome the spring, Hindus celebrate with a holiday called Holi, or Festival of Colors. The Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork throws a huge festival every year and I finally got to go! The whole family came and we had a blast.

The end result

The "before" picture when we were still clean

We made it with literally seconds to spare before the countdown. We rushed into the middle of the crowd of thousands.

We yelled a countdown and all at once, thousands of people threw colored chalk into the air. This picture was taken like three minutes after the initial throw because the air was so thick with chalk you couldn't see three feet in front of you. It felt like breathing in incense.

Then people just threw chalk at random people and everyone turned into rainbows.

Hare Krishna Temple

Family photo: I like how there were specific instructions NOT to let children into the crowd. We drug poor Jett into the heart of it.

Cute Mummsie

We didn't really think about what would happen after the festival, like getting into the car with chalk absolutely everywhere. We tried getting it off our clothes, but in the end, we gave up and just got in the car. This festival is something Johnny and I have wanted to do for years, I'm really sad he wasn't there. Next year, I guess!


  1. AHH so fun!! Isn't it such a blast!? I was so sad to have missed out on that this year!

  2. These pix make me want to come out next year for that!! never heard of it or seen it before. Cool pix-love the ones of the crowd!! How fun for you guys:0)


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