May 4, 2009

one year older

I'm 23, ahhhh! I feel very old and kind of sad that I can't pass off as a teenager anymore. Tear. I'm just glad Johnny is older than me so he always hits the big birthdays first (he turns 25 in three weeks!).
My sweet new hiking shoes for our future adventures in Panama.

A super awesome backpack for our Europe trip, Panama, and being one with the wilderness.

This is the best present of all. Johnny promised he'd learn to play the guitar so he can serenade me. There is one condition, however: I have to shave my legs at least every other day (a task I have never been good at).


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you guys have some fun adventures ahead with your new stuff. That is cute he learned to play the guitar for you. It's hard to shave your legs every other day, good luck with that one ha ha.

  2. cool presents!!! Happy birthday, Ash!
    That is so cute that Johnny learned to play the guitar!...and that you have to shave! Love it!

  3. ASh! I hope you had an awesome day!! I thought about you on your bday but I was in Jamaica and it cost so much money to call!! Hope it was awesome!! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Ash!! YOu two look like you are enjoying life together. I wish you the best.


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