March 2, 2009


This is our new toy. Her name is Daisy. We went to go see cute golden retriever puppies and next thing you know, we were driving away with a puppy in our lap and $0 in our bank account! But we seriously love her so much! She's going to be my friend in Panama because I will be lonely and bored.

This is a good story. For Valentine's Johnny set the table all fancy with china and crystal, had pictures of us, was playing music, and had ordered take out from our favorite restaurant, the India Palace. He wanted to make it authentic, hence the "turban" because the guy who owns the restaurant is Indian and wears one. Very romantic.

Dani left on her mission a few weeks ago to Washington, D.C. (spanish speaking). I can't believe she's gone! I'm so proud of her though and I know she is an incredible missionary already!


  1. Cute puppy! Our puppies should be friends! That is great that Dani left for her mission! Valentines looked fun, how creative. My little dog keeps me company when Sam isn't around he is so much fun to have around.

  2. Ash I already want to see daisy again. she was adorable!! Come over whenever you want and her and Keesha can play! Oh she was so cute!

  3. Oh my gosh she is soooo cute!!! I need to see her!!!!

  4. Oh my heck she is the cutest puppy EVER!!!! I think they look like little berenstein bears! And I cant believe Dani is gone already! I hope she is doing good! This just goes to show we really all need to play cause it has been a while!

  5. Oh my what a cute puppy!! I want one SO bad! That's awesome your sister chose to go on a mission, hope she does well!


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